Aims and scope

«Azimuth of scientific research: pedagogy and psychology» published since 2012

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ISSN -print: 2309-1754

ISSN online: 2712-8474

Aims and scope:

The purpose of the journal is to create an open scientific platform that provides all interested persons and organizations with the opportunity to publish the results of their psychological and pedagogical research and exchange views on various problems of pedagogy and psychology of the humanities among researchers from different regions and states.

“Azimuth of scientific research: pedagogy and psychology” is a peer-reviewed publication that provides the publication of scientific articles that represent the results of their research by the authors.


  • pedagogical sciences (13.00.00)
    publication of scientific results of pedagogical research
  • psychological science (19.00.00)

    publication of the results of psychological research

Publication type: periodical

Purpose of the publication: scientific

Method of distribution: print, electronic form

Access to the full texts: all issues are publicly available

The electronic version in full-text mode is published on the journal’s website. The full-text electronic version of the journal is duplicated and indexed on the platform of the Scientific Electronic Library eLIBRARY.RU, the publication is abstracted in the Abstract Journal (RJ) of VINITI RAS.

Publication language: Russian, English, Belarusian, Ukrainian, Uzbek, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Latin, Serbian, Tajik, Bulgarian, Bashkir, Finnish, Tatar, Kazakh, Portuguese, Slovak, Azerbaijani, Kyrgyz, Armenian, Georgian, Polish, Czech, Arabic, Persian, Chinese, Hindi

Periodicity: The printed version of the journal is published quarterly and has 4 issues per year.

Materials are sent to the editors (within the allocated quota of articles per journal issue, if the quota was selected earlier – the article is transferred to the next issue):

  • until March 1 (March issue)
  • until June 1 (June issue)
  • until September 1 (September issue)
  • until December 1 (December issue)

Subscription index in the catalog “Newspapers. Magazines" Agency “Rospechat": 80429


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The prefix DOI: 10.26140

Databases: Cyberlelinka, Google Scholar, DataCite

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